Sunday, October 7, 2007

Czech Festival in Yukon

Saturday, October 6th - Craig and I took the kids and Nana Delo to the Czech Festival in Yukon. We watched the parade, listened to the Polka music and ate some Kolache. We also found Great Bobbie and Doddie (Ed & Henrietta) in the Czech building volunteering their time selling Kolache. We had a fun time participating in our Czech heritage.

Here's Jack eating his yummy lemon kolache. He actually only ate the bread around the outside and avoided the lemon filling.

Great Doddie (Ed) in his Czech attire with Maggie.

Great Bobbie (Henrietta) and Maggie inspecting the yummy Kolache.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day at the park - Sept 26th

Maggie enjoyed a day at the park with her good friend, Charlotte. Jack and Abby also attended.

Crossings Church Friendship Dinner - Sept 25

Scrabble Divas...I had a great time decorating this Scrabble table with my good friend Susy at the Friendship Dinner. We had scrabble tile napkin rings, bible verses typed in scrabble font, and scrabble tile sugar cookies. We even spelled out spiritual words on the letter holders. We are soooo creative...thanks Susy.

More Fair photos Sept 22.

More Fair photos...Craig actually looks like he's enjoying himself. We also visited my mom and her Stockyard's Mercantile booth at the fair